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Sri Kala

Through Sri Kala’s musical collages we take glimpses into collected parts of himself. With the sounds of Afrobeat, R&B Fusion, Mantra and Hiphop.  It is Brooklyn meets LA, Africa meets India. You can hear the deep healing and spiritual meaning he found through the Eastern spiritual traditions.


The music gives your soul a sound.   


Sri Kala is committed to uplifting his communities and all people to a higher ground. He is the founder of Unique Masterpiece which is a group for creative expression and wellness. Presenting a variety of teachers and artists all set on bringing more healing and creativity into the planet.

J Brave

J Brave’s intention is to inspire the remembrance of our divine nature. He learned to transform his trauma into triumph, turn his mess into a message, and shift suffering into a song to heal himself and inspire the world. His greatest gift has always been to bring people together, and he utilizes his music as a means to unify and connect us all. 


His live shows fuse storytelling and fierce Hip Hop lyrics, and his DJ sets offer a selection of Global Bass and World Beats intended to celebrate the power of diversity. 


He founded the legendary Venice Hip Hop collective the Luminaries, curates events under the brand Benevolence, and co-created Actualize Music Recording Retreats. He offers guidance to artists through Keys Of Kreation coaching, and he is a global ambassador for HAWKS Apparel. 

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Colin James Martin creates in one form or another every day.  A curious ear, a potent voice, and a steadfast heart are the tools of his trade.  Equal parts writer, performer, and educator, his service to humanity thrives in a musical space.

He’s won awards, earned degrees and certifications, has performed with countless artists from living rooms and street corners to amphitheatres, festivals and recording studios, travelled the world.


Colin is committed to expressing his authentic truth through his artwork, and he’s dedicated himself to his communities as both a supportive member and as a humble leader.


Self-taught as a producer and sound engineer, Colin is currently building a widely dynamic repertoire of recorded music to showcase not only his own but countless others’ compositions.

Ultimately, his purpose is to inspire others to accept and embrace more music in one’s life.  As a valued member of the Actualize team, Colin lends an amazing piece of energy to the community as well as the art that it creates.  Lastly, if you ever need a bit of hope, he’s always Colin You Home. 

Makenna Drake

Music Business enthusiast Makenna Drake is a consultant who supports musicians and visionaries in digital and interactive spaces. Primarily working in the genres of World, Electronic, and New Age, artists she has worked with include Deva Premal & Miten, Desert Dwellers, Poranguí, Liquid Bloom, Sri Kala, and many more.

With a background in marketing and storytelling, Makenna now serves the music primarily through booking and event production, distribution and release strategy, team and systems development, and big-picture strategy and refinement.

She is on a mission to help artists spend more of their time making art and loves being a part of revolutionizing the music industry.

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